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With more than 1, 600 works, plus the important Gina Pane collection and works held in trust from the National Contemporary Art Collection, the collection of the Frac des Pays de la Loire has been put together since 1982, in compliance with an acquisitions policy encouraging the purchase of works by young artists. The Frac has thus done its utmost to focus on the most innovative aspects of presentday art. In tandem with the follow-up given to the emerging generation of artists, the Frac also purchases historical works.

The whole collection put together over more than 30 years reflects the diversity of today’s artworks and encompasses disciplines as varied as painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, video and installations. A Technical Buying Committee, whose members are appointed for a three-year period, meets on a regular basis to1 help enrich this collection. These days, the collection focuses on different themes which have come to the fore over the years. So there is a special interest in artists who have raised issues to do with relations between the artwork, and its context (political, social…), the work and its environment (heritage-related, architectural…), the relation between the artist and nature, as well as autobiography and, interest in the body.

The Frac des Pays de la Loire has also elected to acquire part of the works produced during the International Workshops.


The Frac organizes a programme throughout the Region to get its works in circulation, so as to raise awareness about contemporary art among diverse types of public. It is thus increasing the number of events and shows by way of ever more loyal and numerous partnerships. Some 30 exhibitions are held each year in the départments of Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, and the Vendée. To bolster the Frac’s presence in their territories, the General Councils of Loire-Atlantique is giving their financial backing to the Frac. On average, around 60 works from the collection circulate in the region each month. The Frac’s various partners (local authorities, historic monuments, media centres, cultural centre…) play an active role in this circulation policy.

The collection is also viewable by way of works left in trust in institutions and other organizations, and by way of loans for contemporary art shows and exhibitions in France and abroad alike.

In partnership with the Education Board of the Nantes Academy, the Frac thus does its utmost to ensure that contemporary art is present in the Region’s schools and other educational establishments.